Designer based in Singapore, focusing
on branding and art direction.

Graphic Designer at
Foreign Policy Design Group.

Available for freelance project.
View my selected work here.

Brands I’ve worked with
︎︎︎Marina Bay Sands
︎︎︎Intercontinental Hotel Group
︎︎︎GP Batteries
︎︎︎Figment Country Club NFT
︎︎︎Design Pasar
︎︎︎Eden the Brand
︎︎︎The Crown Estate Singapore

︎︎︎Orri New York

︎︎︎Vin Geek Singapore

︎︎︎Bios NFT

︎︎︎Project Send

︎︎︎University of the Arts Singapore


︎︎︎Tokyo TDC Annual Awards
︎︎︎Awards 360°
︎︎︎Type Director’s Club
︎︎︎Singapore Creative Circle Awards

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