A Book is A Dying Breed

Project Type:

Editorial Design, Book Design




Assoc Prof. Danne Hernandez Ojeda

Production Assistant:

Trey Seah

In our digital age with the rise of the Internet and e-books, rarely do people peruse physical copies of books. Books are at risk of becoming a thing of the past, an endangered species. Pangolins are similarly going extinct due to being exploited for their scaly layered skin, which is rumoured to have medical properties.

This book hopes to spread awareness on the near-extinct pangolin and aid in its conservation efforts. The unfinished and aged appearance of the book reflects the pangolin’s status as an animal dating back from prehistoric times. Its 18 tiers of scales are replicated in the book’s pages, with the symbolic tearing of the book’s scales mimicking the removal of pangolins from Earth through excessive hunting. Removal of all the scales reveals a message that hopes to educate readers on the tragedy of this dying species.