Taking inspiration from the distinctive Mediterranean culture—derived through influences from the East and West, and from old and new—the establisment is imagined as a microcosm of the region with its assembly of separate, yet mutually supportive elements. While each remarkable on their own, they come together to create a singular experience that offers more than the sum of its parts. A reinterpretation of the Mediterranean culture is encountered upon one’s arrival: from the diversity of characters and ideals that can be found, to the native species of flora and fauna that have been given a contemporary edge. Applied in tandem, they express the recognisable charm of the locale, while incorporating the necessary elements for a modern brand experience.

Project Type:

Brand & Identity.



Design Studio:


Creative Directors:

Jerry Goh, Justin Long

Graphic Design:

Sylvester Tan, Rae Neo

Interior Design:

Chew Rui