Be Ballsy X Frank by OCBC

Project Type:

Typography Installation




Trey Seah, Clara Lim, Daryl Bradley Tan


Assoc Prof. Danne Hernandez Ojeda

We were tasked to create a typography installation for the Frank by OCBC at their branches to help boost engagement with the millennials. 

Concept: Be Ballsy

Being Ballsy is an embodiment of courage and determination. The installation is purposed to empower youth to ‘BE BALLSY’ and take on new adventures into Career pathways or any ambition they can only imagine themselves doing.

FRANK enables these people to take that first step into new territory through the various products (workshops, attaining financial literacy) FRANK can offer.

Medium: Labyrinth Game

A Labyrinth game involve some form of taking calculated risk to avoid obstacles (hole), and the user can always “try again” if they fail reach the end goal. This idea ties in perfectly with the concept “Be Ballsy”.

Building a childhood game in such a large scale would spark curiosity, turning a public space into an adult playground that encourages interaction.