Currently, 3D printing technology can only be accessed by industry experts who have the skills and knowledge to work with 3D modeling softwares such as AutoCAD and Rhino. With endless possibilities of what 3D printing can create and incorporate into our everyday lives, It is crucial to make 3D printing accessible for everyone by creating an easy-to-understand application.

DCUBE is a 3D scanning and printing mobile application-based service for repurposing found objects into unique inventions. We want to reach out to millennials with an unconventional mindset who dare to break the rules. Our creative platform allows them to photograph objects, turn them into digital 3D models, and 3D-print them into reality.

Users will be able to use the mobile application to scan any physical objects and convert it into a digital 3D model. Users can make adjustments to the digital model and then send it to the developer through the app to make them into physcial objects. Users can be the “product designer” of their own, using thier creativity to turn any objects into unique and functional products.

Project Type:
Brand Design & Identity


Lecturer Angeline Min Yee Yam

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