Deep Mind is a speculative nation that is run by artificial intelligence (AI). It has the ability to function independently by learning through the huge stream of human data collected via social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Design Outcome 1:
The first design outcome focuses on the breach of data privacy where AI collects users’ information and displays them in the public. The purpose of this approach was to create terrorising visuals which instil fear in the audience, prompting them to think about how AI could potentially take over the world. The audience is then drawn to a website to undergo Design Outcome 2.

Design Outcome 2:
The website reveals information about AI and its objectives, and issues that are already threatening society.

Using a speculative design approach, the characteristics of Deep Mind are derived from existing problems that AI has created in present times e.g. data privacy issues and autonomous AI weapons. Targeted at technologically inclined yet apathetic individuals, this project addresses the risk of artificial intelligence by amplifying the possibility of a dystopian future, challenging the audience’s assumptions and preconceptions about the role of artificial intelligence.

Graphic Design, Identity, Speculative Design


Senior Lecturer Candice Ng Ee Ching