Design Pasar is a festival that Foreign Policy Design Group created and organised in collaboration with Roger&Sons and The General Co. Foreign Policy moved into a new warehouse building in the industrial part of Singapore Jalan Besar where many of the traditional hardware businesses reside. The festival is about bringing design, craft, and arts to all our neighbours in the community. It is inspired by and adapted from the traditional Pasar Malams (Malay word: Pasar means market; Malam means night which are often seen popping up in Singapore neighbourhoods.

Design Pasar hopes to elevate the neighbourhood experience, allowing the general public to have greater access to affordable design and locally-designed and locally-made goods, arts, and music. The theme for this edition of the festival is about sticking together as a community. It also pays tribute to Singapore National Day and celebrates how far Singapore has come with a thriving and growing creative industry and community. The brand visual identity takes its cue from the shapes of objects found in this hardware industry dominant neighbourhood. These shapes are designed so that anyone can create and design their own tote bag or poster with these stickers — an analogy of the mission of Design Pasar, which is to get everyone to be creative and to participate in design.

Design Studio
︎︎︎Foreign Policy Design Group

Creative Director
︎︎︎Yah-Leng Yu

Graphic Designer:
︎︎︎Dandy Hartono
︎︎︎Sylvester Tan

︎︎︎Samuel Wong