Project Send’s brand identity design and concept embody the gym’s fundamental principles and distinctive approach of building the gym as a community of climbers. Every element, from the vibrant logotype to the clever copywriting, is meticulously crafted to encapsulate the essence of this extraordinary climbing gym.

At the heart of the brand identity is the dynamic logotype, serving as a visual centerpiece. It captures the fluidity and energy inherent in climbing, representing the thrill and challenge that await within Project Send’s walls. The flexible identity system mirrors the multiple iterations and diverse directions encountered during climbing, symbolizing the climbers’ exploration of different paths and their determination to push boundaries and reach new heights. It serves as a visual reminder that success is not a linear progression but an ever-evolving journey of discovery.

With its dynamic identity and purposeful design, Project Send’s brand identity conveys the exhilaration, adventure, and constant evolution that define the climbing experience. It serves as a visual representation of the gym’s core values, inspiring climbers to embrace challenges, defy limits, and embark on a transformative journey toward personal growth and achievement.

→ Studio: Foreign Policy Design
→ Creative Director: Yah-leng Yu
→ Art Direction, Graphic Design: Sylvester Tan
→ Motion Designers: Sylvester Tan, Darren Mulianto
→ Web Designer: Darren Mulianto