The term “Degendering” was first coined by Sociologist Juidth Lorber, a framework to remove the structure gender inequality in our society. In a “degendered society”, gender would no longer be a social category; all traits & behaviours could be expected of everyone. So, for example, aggression & dominance would no longer be considered masculine traits and domesticity & nurturance would no longer be considered feminine traits. There would be no “doing gender.” Other social categories and circumstances of a situation would influence how people act and interact with others. There would be no designation of gender in roles, such as family roles. For example, we would say “child” instead of son/daughter; “partner” instead of husband/wife; “parent” instead of mother/father.

Pre-degenderism: Products of our Gendered Past, is an exhibition set in 2059, where gender will no longer be an existing social category with dichotomously organised attitudes & behaviours. Hence, future generations could only learn of and understand our current gendered society through historical exhibitions. This speculative exhibition focuses on displaying everyday products and objects from the early 21st century, questioning the objectives behind the pointless gendering of these artefacts.

project type

Speculative Design, Exhibition Design




Assoc. Prof Danne Ojeda

Special Thanks

Mohamad Muhammad Mustajab, Senior Executive (Publicity and Outreach)
Michelle Ho, Gallery Director, ADM Gallery
Clara Lim, Gallery Manager, ADM Gallery
Bridgel Sze, Production Assistant