Zaha Typeface

Project Type:

Typography Design



Assoc Prof. Danne Heranadez Ojeda

The initials found in an illuminated manuscript give us a glimpse of the architectural movements and style of that time period. Inspired by illuminated initials, ZAHA is a typeface designed according to parametric design, a style within contemporary avant-garde architecture that relies on programmes, algorithms, and computers to manipulate the constraints of a parametric equation for design purposes. ZAHA is also designed based on late architect Zaha Hadid’s distinct style, which made use of parametric designs to create movement and fluidity within a structure. The contrasts between angularity and curvature found in Hadid’s parametric architecture are shown in the glyphs of ZAHA, also reflecting Hadid’s intimidating and uncompromising personality. Like illuminated initials, ZAHA hopes to give future generations a glimpse of one of the most prominent architectural styles and aesthetics of our time.